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Our list of equipment includes:
New for 2013:
Major Rides
Continental Dodgems
Sky Glider
Rocker Plane
Big Wheel
Sizzler Twist
Music Trip (Miami)
Crazy fun house
Juvenile Attractions:
Italian convoy
Traditional merry go round
Cups and Saucer
Toy Set
Game Stalls:
Continental Can stall
Beat the Goalie
Cork shooter
Lucky cranes
Traditional hoop play

Also available are fairground shop, novelty foods, candy floss, pop corn &toffee apples.


If there is a specific item that is not listed we can supply it at your request.

All equipment carries a comprehensive insurance package incl. Indemnity to land owners, principles, local authorities, event organizers and govt. departments. All equipment is tested in accordance with current government regulations (control of fun fair acts 2000 Section 239) and also certification is carried out with DOE approved engineers. Full health and safety statements available. All staff are highly trained in the operation and management of equipment and we personally supervise all activities on site.


We can also offer advice on event management in regards to safety and insurance arrangements and crowd control. If you require us to provide a service for your event we can tailor it to suit the particular venue.